Skin Issues for Seniors

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There are many skin conditions that plague not only young adults, but also people at various stages in their lives – people in their thirties, forties and all the way up to seniors.

wrinklesAs people age, their skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles all over the face are really common. In fact, wrinkles are one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a person’s age. And unlike gray hair, which can be colored relatively easily, wrinkles on the face are difficult to hide. Makeup can help a bit, or a lot, depending on how good you are at it and what kind you use. More aggressive measures like Botox injections are becoming increasingly common, but these come with their own set of problems. And finally of course, there are the nip and tuck type surgical options. But perhaps the best option of all is to simply treat wrinkles as signs of experience, and laugh-lines as indications of a happy life lived well!

Another common issue that often bothers seniors in particular is warts. Although this issue is by no means limited to seniors, we often come across elderly people with a number of warts. They can range in size from quite small to relatively large. These should always be checked out by a doctor to see if these are dangerous in any way, and if they need to be removed.


Age spots are also common in the elderly. These are brownish areas, and they typically show up on parts of the body like the hands or face that are exposed often to the sun.

Other issues such as keratitis, comedones, hyper and hypo pigmentation, and so on, also bother adults through various stages of their lives. But with proper care and treatment, most of these problems can be managed.