How to Take Care of Older People

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Giving attention to your elderly is very important for them and for the remaining years they have left. The young people in society must keep them in mind – after all, before we know it, we will be in their shoes!

Here are a few suggestions about what you can do to make your old folks feel good and to let them know that you care:

Calling and Meeting them Frequently

Many of us are separated from grandparents or even our parents as we work away from home and in many cases have our own family already. So one easy thing you can do do keep in touch with them is to call them frequently. You know how much they love to hear your voice and hear your stories. If you don’t have much time, call for just a minute or two – that is far better than not calling for long periods of time. And if you do have some spare time – say even when you are standing in a line somewhere – don’t just call for a minute or two, but call and have a long chat. The longer the conversation the better! Ask them how they are doing and tell them stories about what is happening in your life.

Time permitting, visit them in person and spend some time with them. When you do go to visit, take something small with you – maybe just some food they love, or some other thoughtful gift like picture throws.

The important part is for them to know that you care. Let them know that you think of them even through your busy and tight work schedules.

Making sure they Stay Active

If at all possible, make sure your dear ones stay active.  Make sure they join some health club, if their health permits, where they can join some fitness classes specifically directed at seniors.  If they stay active, that is very good for their health.

Think about other activities that will get up and moving around. They can go fishing, walk with their dogs or engage in gardening. These are just a few examples, but obviously there are many other similar activities you will be able to come up with, based on specific interests.

Making sure they feel Useful

This is a very important aspect of being happy when growing old. Sometimes seniors feel like they are useless or unwanted and a burden. Providing seniors with some tasks where they feel like they are making a difference is key. Maybe they can teach young kids some simple math. Maybe they do some social service for those more in need than they are. Feeling wanted and valuable is important at every stage in life.